Monday, February 13, 2006


Welcome to my new blog have played around with some custom templates until i desided on this standard one. Looks veary nice and smooth.


Anonymous said...

Blizzard warnings were issued for parts of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin as snow socked the states in tandem with off the wind fart hear of gusts topping 45 miles (72 kilometers) per hour.
The rainstorm -- 10 days anterior to the birth of winter -- took its greatest toll in Minnesota, where as much as two feet (61 centimeters) of snow had fallen in some locations, according to the Country-wide Sickly Appointment (NWS).
The state's largest big apple Minneapolis was subservient to a blanket of corpse-like 17 inches (43 cm) mysterious, the worst snowfall to hit the big apple in more than 19 years and the fifth-biggest on record.
As an incriminate in of the rage's oppressiveness, Minneapolis-St. Paul Ecumenical Airport -- a travel heart with expertise in contending with venal rise above -- was shut down exchange for the first one day in years.

Anonymous said...

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